Our Story

Alaska Saltworks is a family business run by three generations. The idea of making salt first came to husband and wife Todd and May when they were watching a cooking show and the chef sprinkled some artisan sea salt on her salted caramel. That got Todd thinking, how do you make artisan sea salt? Next thing you know when May got home one warm and sunny evening from work Todd and their two boys were loaded in the car and they simply said hop in we are going to Whittier to get some sea water.

We first tried boiling the water and it was fascinating to watch the salt crystalize. Lo and behold salt was made and were happy with the success of our experiment. We filled little zip lock bags and gifted them to our friends for Christmas and they loved it and recommended we seriously consider selling it. And then orders started coming in from their friends.

That's when we thought we needed a better solution to make sea salt. Something not so energy-intensive.

We chose solar evaporation. This time-tested technique to remove the water from seawater and leave only salt and minerals has been around in many different forms for thousands of years.

We knew that this was going to be a little bit of a challenge for us though - there really isn't a whole lot of sunshine for at least 7 months of the year where we live. On the flipside however, for the 5 months that we do get sun, we get a whole lot of it! On June 20th, we get 22 hours of it.

So we decided to utilize the summer months to create wonderful sea salt and spend the winters focusing on the business.

But something changed during the second winter. Todd discovered a technique called "fractional freezing" which allows us to create concentrated salt brine solutions in the dark and cold of winter. In fact, the colder the better. So now we spend winters gathering our 'winter brine' for quick summer evaporation.

We started out selling to friends, then at farmer's markets and later at fairs and gift shows. We're very excited now to offer our sea salt to customers everywhere via this website.